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For Professional Advisors

Professional advisors, including lawyers, chartered accountant, bankers, financial planners and real estate professionals play a vital role in planning and managing their clients’ wealth many of whom have a deep interest in supporting charitable causes.  Professional advisors are in a unique position to support their clients to realize their philanthropic goals by helping to design charitable gifts that can maximize the tax and other financial benefits.

By partnering with ALS Society of Manitoba, you can enhance your clients’ lives while creating a legacy for the future of people living with ALS/MND and their families.

Please contact us for more information about our legacy program.

Legal Name of the Society: ALS Society of Manitoba Inc.
Address: 2A – 1717 Dublin Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3H 0H2

Telephone Number: 204-831-1510
Fax Number: 204-837-9023