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2024 Events

ALS Society of Manitoba Events 2024

Each year, thanks to thousands of caring individuals, the ALS Society of Manitoba is able to raise funds to support those living with ALS/MND and contribute to ALS research.


What events do you hold?

Every year the ALS Society of Manitoba pours a majority of its efforts into five primary fundraisers. The five primary fundraisers are:

  • Bud, Spud & Steak for ALS
  • Lou Gehrig’s Night/An Evening with the Goldeyes
  • Walk to End ALS – Winnipeg and Brandon
  • The Cornflower Ball
  • Lite Up a Life

Additionally, other small fundraisers are initiated as time and opportunities allow. 

Third-party fundraisers are events planned and run by outside parties who wish to support ALS Manitoba. In turn, these generous individuals or groups donate the funds raised to the ALS Society of Manitoba.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we do accept donations. The ALS Society of Manitoba does have specific policies in place for accepting donations. Please contact us for more information.

However, we are always ready and willing to discuss donations. Whether it is a product that you would like to donate or a service that your company performs, everything is greatly appreciated. It is through these generous gifts that we are able to raise money through silent auctions, draws or raffles which are held at our primary events. 

ALS Donations

For those who would like to contribute in a larger way financially, sponsorships are another way to contribute. 

What is a sponsorship? Sponsorships are an opportunity for individuals or businesses to support the work we do at the ALS Society of Manitoba on a larger scale. In return, those individuals or businesses may receive either a tax receipt or advertising. For example, every time that the ALS Society of Manitoba holds one of its major events, there are costs involved in renting facilities and controlling logistics. Sponsorships help us to cover portions of an event such as:

  • a tent rental
  • picnic table rental 
  • facility rental
  • food supply
  • etc…

This is a small sample of how your sponsorship could defray our costs, allowing us to contribute more of the money raised directly to supporting our services. 

To find out more about sponsorships and what our current needs are, please do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to talk with you.

Sponsor Sample
Sponsors sample from our 2019 Cornflower Ball

Where does the money that is raised go?

Through your donations, we are able to continue to enhance the services and programs that we offer. 

Two of the most cost-intensive programs that we offer are our Equipment Lending Program and the operation of the Brummitt Feasby ALS House. The Equipment Lending Program has over 2500 pieces of equipment that can be lent out to ALS/MND clients. Gradually this medical equipment needs to be upgraded, repaired or replaced. 

The Brummit Feasby ALS House offers both short-term respite as well as long-term residency for those living with ALS/MND. This unique home is the only facility of its kind in North America. This home requires regular upkeep and maintenance to remain operational.

There are many other programs where funds are directed, in order to support the services that we offer. To see a complete list of the programs that your donations support, please follow the link below. 

Wheelchairs which are part of our Equipment Lending Program.

How can I help?

Would you like to help but do not have the financial means to make a donation?

 That’s okay, we are also looking for volunteers! The ALS Society of Manitoba would not exist without the army of dedicated volunteers. While it has been difficult over the past two years with many Covid restrictions, as everything now begins to open up, we look forward to having opportunities for volunteers to return. 

What do our volunteers do? Well, they do many things. From wrapping gift baskets and organizing donations to setting up,  assisting at, and helping to take down events. Big or small, we have a job for all!

We are a small office (4 people) trying to accomplish a lot of things, so if you have a talent in a particular area that you would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Perhaps you are, or know a:

  • musician
  • singer or band
  • artist
  • quilter
  • member of a dance group
  • carpenter, plumber or electrician
  • etc…

Perhaps you have a fundraising event idea you would like to try. Talk to us and we can see what dreams may be realized.

For more in-depth information on volunteering with the ALS Society of Manitoba, please follow the link below to visit our Volunteer page.

Youth Volunteers