Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is a fatal, rapidly progressive neuromuscular disease that affects approximately 3,000 Canadians and more than 350 Manitobans.

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Our website is intended to offer comprehensive information about ALS/MND, about the ALS Society of Manitoba, information for people with ALS/MND and their caregivers, health care professionals, donors, media, and the general public. It is our hope that this site be a source of meaningful information, a site that connects people both from within and outside the ALS/MND community and a site that users visit regularly. Be sure to let us know if there is a way to improve this site, and make it more user friendly. We want to know! Call us at (204) 831-1510 or e-mail


ALS Research Update | March 2019. Review the first 2019 ALS Research update, which summarizes the latest discoveries and advances in ALS/MND. The topics included in this update are: Researchers identify a potential new biomarker and drug target for ALS; How artificial intelligence is helping researchers to better understand ALS; Could a drug previously approved to treat hepatitis be successful in treating ALS?; Insights from the body’s natural immune response open up new treatment avenues for ALS; and Positive results from preclinical studies of a gene therapy for ALS and FTD.

Can a revolutionary gene-editing tool create better animal models for studying ALS? Dr. Gary Armstrong from the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University is exploring how to use revolutionary gene-editing technology to create better models for studying ALS.

The top 10 research stories of 2018. Last year, major scientific advances in Canada and internationally led to significant and exciting progress in ALS research. Discoveries that increase our understanding of ALS are happening far more often than ever before, and as a result many new experimental treatments are set to begin human clinical trials in the next few years.

Thanks to donor generosity ALS Canada invests $1 million in innovative Canadian ALS research to provide a greater understanding of ALS. November 15, 2018. The ALS Canada Research Program awards eight new project grants in the pursuit of new therapy targets. Read more.

Grant to Fund Research Into New ALS Treatment.  October 22, 2018. Dr. Renée Douville, Associate Professor, The University of Winnipeg, has been awarded a three-year, US$300,000 grant from The ALS Association (U.S.) to study the role that viruses in the human genome play in ALS and examine the use of market-available medication in treating symptoms of the disease. Read more.

Health Canada approves new drug to treat patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). October 4, 2018. Read more.

ALS Research Update (ALS Canada). October, 2018. Learn about the most recent research discoveries on ALS/MND.


2019 Manitoba Caregiver Recognition Day

April 2, 2019. On the first Tuesday of April, Manitobans came together to recognize family members, friends, neighbours, and other significant people who take on a caring role to support someone with a diminishing physical ability, a debilitating cognitive condition or a chronic life-limiting illness. Known as Manitoba Caregiver Recognition Day, this special day encourages to pay tribute and recognize the valuable contribution of family caregivers to our lives and our community as a whole. Click here to read more.

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