About ALS Manitoba

als_image1ALS Society of Manitoba was founded in 1980 for persons with ALS/MND, their families, friends and other interested parties. Over the years, the Society has helped clients and their families, by providing information and support. As our organization continues to grow, we are able to offer a more client-service based program which helps those living with ALS/MND maintain independence and make informed decisions about their care. Our mandate is to make a difference in the lives of those living with ALS/MND every day.

Vision Statement

Improved quality of life for all people affected by ALS/MND.

Mission Statement

Helping Our People Every way we can by:

  • Investing in Research
  • Providing Client Services

Core Values

The ALS Society of Manitoba’s core values define what the Society believes in being:

  • Respectful – We respect the rights of people impacted by ALS/MND to live with dignity and make their own decisions.
  • Responsible & Ethical – We commit to continuous improvement, accountability and sharing of knowledge.

Services of ALS Society of Manitoba

  • Brummitt Feasby ALS House
  • Children, Youth and Young Adult’s Program
  • Client Services Coordinators
  • Emergency Response Information Kit (ERIK)
  • Equipment Lending Program
  • LVR (Breathing Bag) Program
  • ResearchHP_logo_EN-FR_tagline_colour
  • Resource Library
  • Support Groups
  • Tube Feeding Bag Program
  • Volunteer Family Advocate Friend (VFAF) Program

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ALS Canada Research Program Webinar Series

Since 2015, ALS Canada offers webinar series to help keep you informed on the field of ALS research. Hosted by Dr. David Taylor, Director of Research at ALS Canada, this complimentary Webinar series provides information about the latest advancements in research, how your dollars are funding one of the best research programs in the world, and how to get involved in clinical trials to help make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease.

*Watch this section for announcements of upcoming webinars.

Compassionate Care Benefits

The ALS Societies across Canada are pleased to announce that effective January 3, 2016, the proposed enhanced Compassionate Care Benefit program will allow claimants to collect up to 26 weeks of benefits, up from the current six weeks. Click here to read more.

MAY 11, 2015 – ALS Drug Shortage

It came to the attention of the ALS Society of Manitoba that some clients who are taking the ALS drug Rilutek and or the generic brand form of it were finding that there is a shortage of the drug in our Province. Click here to read more.

Your donations allow the ALS Society of Manitoba to lend equipment and learning resources, and to offer such services as support groups, client services coordination, caregiver days, and more.

Registered Charity Number 120654421 RR0001

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Call us at 204-831-1510 or email HOPE@alsmb.ca