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ALS Canada Research Program Webinar Series

Since 2015, ALS Canada has offered webinar series to help keep you informed on the field of ALS research. Hosted by Dr. David Taylor, Director of Research at ALS Canada, this complimentary Webinar series provides information about the latest advancements in research, how your dollars are funding one of the best research programs in the world, and how to get involved in clinical trials to help make ALS a treatable, not a terminal disease.

As new webinars are offered, we will post links to them below.

Current Webinars being Offered:

Sorry…there are currently no public webinars being offered by ALS Canada.

Research Glossary:

This glossary of terms was assembled by ALS Canada in order to support knowledge sharing and provide clarification on the terminology used in the webinars. It is free to use by anyone in the ALS community and may be of particular value to:

  • recently diagnosed individuals
  • caregivers
  • medical professionals
  • researchers


Research Glossary